Karen and I have started spending time together with me reading out loud to her while sitting out in our patio in our Scottsdale backyard.

I have never been one who liked to be outdoors, since becoming an adult.  I used to love to ride my “English” bike all over Denver but that was so long ago, the wonderful outdoor memories are long gone.

We really enjoy being together and reading out loud to Karen is a plus in our marriage.  The more I read out loud to her, the better I get.  I was never a good first time reader but it seems with practice, daily, I’m getting good at it.

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Another Wedding?

Karen and I were married back in January of 1999.  I think it would be fun to hold another wedding.  That tells you something, I had nothing to do with planning or organizing the first one.

That wedding turned out to be for me, one of the Happiest Days in my life.

I have to tell you that with some of our female friends we, or I guess they, would have to look for plus size bridesmaid dresses.

I think I have said enough.

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East of West?

I have heard a great deal about real estate in louisville ky.  Same is true of real estate in San Diego, Ca.

Both Karen and I have heard wonderful things about Kentucky, I have even spent time on the phone talking to a fellow Ham operator who lives just outside of Louisville.  I’m amazed at his antenna farm and the number of towers he has near his house.

With Karen having family in San Diego we would most likely go West.  But at least we’d look at the move East.



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I bet she’d like one.

I for one, like buying things like diamond necklaces for my wife Karen, cause she really makes my life fun.

There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t find something to laugh about no matter what is going on in our life together. I am happy that she and I got married, back in January of 99 and I look forward to each day that I spend with her.

I bet you are saying, he’s writing the blog to make brownie points with Karen. No I tell her ever day this is how I feel, so this is nothing new to her.

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Why not end the Week with Me?

I have one great idea for all of you, end the week reading the ramblings of a Senior from Arizona who is blessed with a beautiful young wife.

Karen and I like to spend time driving around the metro Phoenix area and have been know to go outside the state on the occasional trip. That is made easier thanks to using the garmin trucking gps in our van.

I have all ways been one who enjoys driving and even as I get older that likely seems to continue. My training behind the wheel of an Arizona Highway Patrol Car, is etched in my head. So far my reaction times haven’t slowed down, he says, as yet. So I feel safe behind the wheel.

When driving, to be honest, I’m more concerned about other drivers who think nothing of making right turns from the far left lane, not using their turn signals, apparently thinking that you know there intentions.

Or the others who are conducting business on their cell phones driving at 15 to 20 miles over the posted speed limit. I’m being generous. If I had a radar gun, I bet it would be a lot more.

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Can’t help but notice.

When Karen and I go to lunch at Red Robin, one can’t help but notice when the servers wear around their necks, numerous lapel pins .

I know that I have asked several times, where they got them from, and I know that I have received an answer each time that I have asked, but right this moment, and I’m going to blame it on my age, I Can’t Remember what I was told.

The only lapel pin that I can remember having was that of an American Flag and I wore it on my Arizona Highway Patrol Uniform.

I’ll have to look for it and start wearing it again.

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