Another Wedding?

Karen and I were married back in January of 1999.  I think it would be fun to hold another wedding.  That tells you something, I had nothing to do with planning or organizing the first one.

That wedding turned out to be for me, one of the Happiest Days in my life.

I have to tell you that with some of our female friends we, or I guess they, would have to look for plus size bridesmaid dresses.

I think I have said enough.

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East of West?

I have heard a great deal about real estate in louisville ky.  Same is true of real estate in San Diego, Ca.

Both Karen and I have heard wonderful things about Kentucky, I have even spent time on the phone talking to a fellow Ham operator who lives just outside of Louisville.  I’m amazed at his antenna farm and the number of towers he has near his house.

With Karen having family in San Diego we would most likely go West.  But at least we’d look at the move East.



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Tools for Life’s Little Struggles

My husband received a package in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was strange that he was trying to open it with a dinner knife. Then the other day he was trying to open a package for some item he bought at the store. It was one of those clear plastic packages that are nearly impossible to open. He was trying to use a steak knife on it. And then it dawned on me… There has to be a better way to deal with these difficult boxes and packages. So for Christmas he’s probably going to receive a utility knife. I think he’ll find it easier to open packages and boxes. I’ll make sure it’s in his Christmas stocking so he can use it to open all of the other gifts.

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Don’t Get Lost

My parents are coming to visit me next week and I’m getting so excited about their visit! They’ll be driving over from San Diego and I know that they won’t get lost on the way through the desert because my dad’s car has magellan gps. The last time they came to visit my dad showed off his gps unit to Norm when they went to pick up hamburgers for us from Wendy’s. Norm was quite impressed and I think he would like to get one for our vehicle. Maybe someday!

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Ready for a dip in the pool.

It’s been a strange couple of weeks around here. Our house was broke into last weekend. At first we didn’t think anything was taken, but then a couple of days later Norm went to get some quarters out of the drawer in the jewelry box where he keeps them. All of them were gone! He said there were about eight dollars in quarters and dimes in that drawer along with a couple of coins his father had given him years ago. I think they were half dollars. It’s the first time in 15 years we were broke into.

Then, this past week, Norm was rear-ended on his way home from dropping me off at an appointment. Fortunately it was only minor damage. But, this means we will be without our van for at least a week, maybe two weeks, while the repairs are being done. We’ll be using a rental van during that time and thank God we have insurance to cover that cost.

After all the excitement I’d like to do something crazy like going swimming! A pentair pool sure sounds good right now. We’ll have to put one in the backyard, when our ship comes in of course!

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Read the Label

So the other day we’re watching TV, that is the hubby and I, and we run across one of those medical talkshows. The discussion centers around bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The hubby starts to roll his eyes and thinks this is another one of those “women’s problems” and doesn’t want to watch the program. But then I explained to him that the thyroid pill he takes every morning is also a hormone. Fearing that he might be taking estrogen he runs to the medicine cabinet to look at the label on his pill bottle. He breathed a sigh of relief when we looked up the meditation on the Internet. Don’t worry babe – you’re still the man!

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