Signs of Spring

Nearly every day I take my little dog Henry for a walk through our neighborhood. For the past couple of days I have noticed the scent of orange blossoms in the air. It’s quite an intoxicating smell. Most definitely a sign of spring!

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Chilly Day

My walk with Henry this morning required a wrap to keep me warm. It’s cold today because of last night’s storm. Fall has arrived in Scottsdale.

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ADA Bathroom Fail

Last week I was out for dinner with my husband. There was a handicap accessible restroom in the building, although it was not part of the restaurant we were at. This restroom was for visitors to the shopping center. It was a single stall restroom for male or female use. It was roomy and had grab bars near the toilet and a wheelchair accessible sink. The only problem was the mirror positioned above the sink. As you can see from my photo the mirror is too high for a person seated in a wheelchair to see their face, let alone any other part of their body. I wonder who the genius is who thought this would actually be a wheelchair accessible height for the mirror?and look at those

supposedly handicap accessible bathroom

And just look at position of the soap dispenser and paper towels. Out of reach for many of us shorter wheelchair users. I guess architects and designers think that those of us in wheelchairs don’t need paper towels, soap or a quick view of our hair and makeup when we use the public restroom.

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Dog Days of August

Now that I have a dog of my own I am discovering the joys of the walk. Granted, I roll, but Henry walks. It’s just me and my doggie going down the sidewalk together. Unfortunately, it’s hot weather and muggy because it’s August in the Sonoran Desert, so our walks are rather short. In the months ahead when the cooler weather comes I’m hoping Henry and I can take longer walks together. Here is a snap of us yesterday on our way back home. We were both rather overwhelmed by the sultry afternoon.

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Backyard Fantasy Part Two

Karen and I seem to like to plan to change things around our house both in and out.

Today, I have been thinking about the months in the year when it’s nice to sit outside and really enjoy the Arizona weather.  You don’t have to tell me, but now is not the time to be doing anything outdoors, especially siting on one’s patio.

But if we were to add a tv mount on our patio we would have at least seven months where we could go out there and watch our favorite shows like Doc Martin in Arizona Comfort.

That’s what I call, living in High Style.

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Ready for a dip in the pool.

It’s been a strange couple of weeks around here. Our house was broke into last weekend. At first we didn’t think anything was taken, but then a couple of days later Norm went to get some quarters out of the drawer in the jewelry box where he keeps them. All of them were gone! He said there were about eight dollars in quarters and dimes in that drawer along with a couple of coins his father had given him years ago. I think they were half dollars. It’s the first time in 15 years we were broke into.

Then, this past week, Norm was rear-ended on his way home from dropping me off at an appointment. Fortunately it was only minor damage. But, this means we will be without our van for at least a week, maybe two weeks, while the repairs are being done. We’ll be using a rental van during that time and thank God we have insurance to cover that cost.

After all the excitement I’d like to do something crazy like going swimming! A pentair pool sure sounds good right now. We’ll have to put one in the backyard, when our ship comes in of course!

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