Why not end the Week with Me?

I have one great idea for all of you, end the week reading the ramblings of a Senior from Arizona who is blessed with a beautiful young wife.

Karen and I like to spend time driving around the metro Phoenix area and have been know to go outside the state on the occasional trip. That is made easier thanks to using the garmin trucking gps in our van.

I have all ways been one who enjoys driving and even as I get older that likely seems to continue. My training behind the wheel of an Arizona Highway Patrol Car, is etched in my head. So far my reaction times haven’t slowed down, he says, as yet. So I feel safe behind the wheel.

When driving, to be honest, I’m more concerned about other drivers who think nothing of making right turns from the far left lane, not using their turn signals, apparently thinking that you know there intentions.

Or the others who are conducting business on their cell phones driving at 15 to 20 miles over the posted speed limit. I’m being generous. If I had a radar gun, I bet it would be a lot more.