Paint Job!

Have to thank our Friend Bob for coming over and painting Karen’s office.  It’s so much more exciting than basic while.

Karen's Desk

Thanks again Bob!  It looks great!

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Picked it up the very first time.

With family in San Diego it’s good to know about a meservylawypc San Diego dog bite attorney there.

One just never knows when such a situation might occur and the home first aid kit is not enough.

I can help but remember when our cat was very young and I though I would trim her nails.  She had another idea and bite my hand.  She really bite it and it hurt so much I was off to the Doctor.  Since then, I am the only one who she allows to touch her, maybe that’s because I don’t even think of trimming her nails

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Karen and I have started spending time together with me reading out loud to her while sitting out in our patio in our Scottsdale backyard.

I have never been one who liked to be outdoors, since becoming an adult.  I used to love to ride my “English” bike all over Denver but that was so long ago, the wonderful outdoor memories are long gone.

We really enjoy being together and reading out loud to Karen is a plus in our marriage.  The more I read out loud to her, the better I get.  I was never a good first time reader but it seems with practice, daily, I’m getting good at it.

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East of West?

I have heard a great deal about real estate in louisville ky.  Same is true of real estate in San Diego, Ca.

Both Karen and I have heard wonderful things about Kentucky, I have even spent time on the phone talking to a fellow Ham operator who lives just outside of Louisville.  I’m amazed at his antenna farm and the number of towers he has near his house.

With Karen having family in San Diego we would most likely go West.  But at least we’d look at the move East.



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Grief Is Hard

Recently I lost a member of my family to cancer. She was a dearly loved person who was beautiful both inside and out. This is the first time that I’ve dealt with grief over the death of someone close to my own age. Grief is difficult and hard, but also a necessary part of life. I am blessed though to know that I will see her again in heaven. As a Christian we have that hope because of the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ and the power of his resurrection from the dead. As he said to his disciples, he is in heaven preparing a place for us. I know that Ashley is there and that one day I too will be there when my time has come.

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Don’t Get Lost

My parents are coming to visit me next week and I’m getting so excited about their visit! They’ll be driving over from San Diego and I know that they won’t get lost on the way through the desert because my dad’s car has magellan gps. The last time they came to visit my dad showed off his gps unit to Norm when they went to pick up hamburgers for us from Wendy’s. Norm was quite impressed and I think he would like to get one for our vehicle. Maybe someday!

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