Buzz Cut

I have just had my second buss cut since December.  Even though this is Winter, I have found that I like wearing my hair short.

If you’re expecting a picture, guess again.  You’re just going to have to use your imagination.

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On the Radio

For what ever reason, coming home this morning from a very early appointment, I tuned away from the talk station I normally listen to and listen to a rock station and it sounded like a cool yamaha pacifica .

I really dug the sound and was so into it, I started thinking that I was playing the electric guitar myself and wasn’t even listening when the DJ back announce who the artist was and the name of the song.

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Counting the Days

nEW dOC m

Last night we watched a rerun of Doc Martin but on the 20th  of March Season 6 will get under way here in the metro Phoenix area.

It’s been aired in other areas long before now.

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Not a Cloud in the Sky.

One thing I like here in Scottsdale Arizona is waking up and looking out and seeing a beautiful Cloudless Sky.   Considering all the “bad” weather that is hitting the country, I consider us blessed.

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Right there in the Center

Most of the time, in the center of the stage are the drums like the td-11kv from Roland.

I have always been fascinated with the drums but never sat down behind a set and tried to see how I could do.  Never.  I guess I knew it would be a disaster and had there been other people in the room,

Then again, I should be positive.  I would have been great and it would have started a career and I would have had a long live in Show Biz!

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Used the Internet

Yesterday I used the internet to contact the church that I attended as a kid growing up in Denver.  To my surprise they had records of our family from back in the late 50s.

I have many memories of attending that church and the Sunday School Classes.

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