Our Bedroom.

In our bedroom, we have a California King bed.   It’s a sleep comfort bed which makes it nice in that my wife can set her side at the firmness that she likes and I can do the same for my side.

I have believe it or not been looking at Sferra as I want to change the color of the sheets.   We have gotten used to a high thread count and I have no plans on going back to the standard stuff.   Now we just have to choose a color. This could take a while because Karen is picky.

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I like being married to the lady who normally writes this blog.   Last Sunday marked the beginning of our 13th year together. That to me is very special.   I want it to go on for at least 13 more.   We laugh a lot together.

She is my web wiz and always helps me when I have a question about things on the internet.     She is also good at helping others who have questions about such things as phentermine reviews that one finds on line.

If you have a question about such things,   it’s Karen to the rescue!

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Thursday and It’s Me.

I really get a kick out of blogging on The View from My Chair, my sweet wife’s blog.

I do have a couple Blogs of my own but I find that it’s fun to visit this blog and take a few minutes and write my point of view.   She doesn’t mind a bit.

Years ago, I bought a van equipped with a ramp so Karen could get in the vehicle in her wheelchair.   It’s great for us to be able to get around and go wherever we need to.   Sunday we went to church, like we usually do, but we found that the ramp mechanism wasn’t working properly.   It’s a bit difficult to do it manually, but I did and as soon as we could, I took it to the repair shop.   I know a lot about audio and video equipment, but I don’t know much about repairing motors and other car parts.   Things like thrust bearings and sprockets and motor assemblies are best left to the professionals.   As it turns out, they were able to repair it the same day.   Karen is very happy and so am I, because I was getting rather worn-out from all the extra work.

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Back Again.

This is the third time today that I have been typing away on The View from My Chair while Karen is off doing something else.   Please don’t think that she doesn’t care about the blog, but with her being in the hospital twice in the past three weeks for surgery, she is a little tired.

While at the hospital in the waiting rooms, I could not help but wonder if some of the people there were waiting for the best herpes treatment.

I guess I was having a Pima County Sheriff Dupnik moment… not using facts to come up with a thought.

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One of the first Cars I drove.

I have been thinking about car insurance companies as we’re only about a month away from renewal of the insurance for our van.

The other day, while up loading one of 500 35 mm slides that my brother found in my Mother’s house, where he is now living, of people and places from our family in the late fifties, early sixties, I found a picture of one of the very first cars I drove.

It was a Fiat 600.   Had two of the thinnest doors I have ever seen on a car and they opened backward.   It had 4 on the floor, and I loved to drive it.   It was just fun to drive.

Here it is, parked on Franklin Street in Denver in front of my brother’s 56 Chevy.   Those were the days.

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All She needs to do is ASK.

As a guest here on The View from My Chair my view is a few feet higher, and a lot of time from behind.     I know a husband’s place.     I do look forward to when Karen asks me to write posts for her.   She gets busy with another project and she knows how much I enjoy pretending I’m Earnest Hemingway.

One thing let’s get clear… I’m not going out that way.

I digress.   I’m here to turn your attention to   lipofuze reviews, especially those of you who want to drop some pounds.   One of the things I like about being alive in this day and age is the fact that it’s so very easy to find items that are helpful to almost every thing in one’s life without ever leaving the four walls of one’s house.

Karen and I like getting out and doing things alone or with friends here in Scottsdale, but I for one like to stay home.   You won’t find me getting up set if the weather outside is either too hot or too cold and the idea of going out is far down the list.

Staying at home… Norm is up for the challenge.   Or, maybe it’s the lack of one.

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