First Thing you Saw.

In the house that I grow up in in Denver when you walked in the front door, the first thing that you saw was an upright piano.

Today if I wanted to recreate that in our house, after moving some furniture around, I would have to  buy 88-key weighted keyboard to keep up with the times.

Then I would have to learn how to play it.

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The incredible Dr. Pol

One of my new favorite shows is The Incredible Dr. Pol on the Nat Geo Wild channel. There’s something about a farm animal veterinarian that just fascinates me. Perhaps it all started when I used to watch All Creatures Great and Small, a British TV series about a country veterinarian named James Harriet. I miss that show, but Dr. Pol makes up for it!

See Dr. Pol in action.

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Karen and I have started spending time together with me reading out loud to her while sitting out in our patio in our Scottsdale backyard.

I have never been one who liked to be outdoors, since becoming an adult.  I used to love to ride my “English” bike all over Denver but that was so long ago, the wonderful outdoor memories are long gone.

We really enjoy being together and reading out loud to Karen is a plus in our marriage.  The more I read out loud to her, the better I get.  I was never a good first time reader but it seems with practice, daily, I’m getting good at it.

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Toothbrush Solution for Weak Hands

When you have a progressive disability like Spinal Muscular Atrophy you lose your muscle strength little by little. As I’ve gotten older I’ve lost even more strength as the years go by. After my hospitalization with pneumonia last November I’ve noticed a major decrease in the strength in my right hand and arm. Things I used to be able to do by myself like brushing my teeth have become nearly impossible.

For years I have been using a Sonicare toothbrush to make it easier to keep my teeth clean. However, the past few months I’ve noticed it harder and harder to hold the toothbrush. I find that it’s just too heavy for me and I become fatigued from just the minimal effort it takes to hold the toothbrush in my mouth. Sometimes I just couldn’t do it at all and having someone else brush your teeth with a motorized device in your mouth can be quite painful.

A manual toothbrush is certainly lightweight by comparison, but requires more physical effort to actually clean the teeth. It just didn’t work for me. I began searching the Internet for an alternative device and came across a travel battery-operated sonic toothbrush.

It works fantastic for me! It only weighs about 2 ounces plus the weight of a AAA battery. It’s much smaller in diameter and therefore it easier to grip. I was able to use the toothbrush this morning and rejoiced in the independence I have regained in oral care.

It comes with two toothbrush heads and one AAA battery for about $15 altogether. A very affordable solution for me.

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Resistance Is Futile

The wonderful lady who cuts and styles my hair is having a big birthday next week. It’s the big 50 and I want to do something nice for her. I was thinking about sending her a birthday cake. It should please everyone at the salon because who can resist chocolate birthday cakes? Even the most ardent dieter would have to acquiesce to a small slice of delicious cake.

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Nature’s Perfume

Last Saturday a dear friend visited us and brought over an Easter lily potted plant. It had one flower that was partially open and about four buds that were waiting to open. On Sunday morning one of the flowers had completely opened and it was beautiful. That evening I kept noticing a sweet smelling fragrance. Since I very rarely wear perfume I thought I must have picked up someone’s scent from hugging friends at church. On Monday I continued smelling that sweet fragrance and it suddenly dawned on me that it must be coming from the Easter lily plant. Nature’s perfumes are always the best!

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