Community Involvement

I remember when I was a kid there were several community organizations my dad’s employer would be involved with as a way to give back to the community. Employees were encouraged to participate, but it was led from the top echelon of the company. I’m glad to see that tradition continues on with small businesses and corporations alike. Even online businesses, like triangle direct media, find ways to interact with nonprofit organizations both local and international. It’s so encouraging to see others working to benefit their communities.

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Racing Cars

Back in the day, the good old days, I had fun as a child going to summer camp. We always had fun craft projects like leather stamping and making lanyards. One year I recall we made pinewood derby cars. Sure, the boys enjoyed it more than the girls did, but I really had fun sanding the wood and painting my little derby car. There were races and the winners received custom pinewood derby trophies. Alas, I don’t think I got one. But it didn’t matter I had fun anyway!

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Listening to my Purple GE AM Radio.

There I was, in my room, listening to my GE Purple Tube AM radio with the dial all aglow hearing the music of Les Paul and Mary Ford.  I knew it was them within 3 seconds of their song starting.  It was so unique.

If I would want to attempt to recreate that sound I would have to have an MF epi Les Paul.  I could use my audio mixer and computer to lay down a track or two.  Then I would play DJ for myself.  Oh, what fun!


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Chairs versus Pews

Ever since I can remember I have always attended church. My wheelchair is my seat wherever I go. If the worship seating is pews then I’m relegated to the end of the aisle. Sometimes that makes me feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. However, if the church has chairs instead of pews, then I can have a chair moved so that I can position my wheelchair in its place, and thus not be in the aisle.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people trip over me in the aisles. One time, many years ago, I remember being in an auditorium where a worship service was being held. (This wasn’t in a church, but rather a public auditorium.) The speaker invited people to come up to the front for prayer or something. Some man got up to come down the aisle behind me and as he walked past my wheelchair his jacket hem got caught on the joystick of my wheelchair. My eyes were closed in prayer and so I didn’t see what happened. The next thing I know I’m moving down the aisle with him. When his jacket finally comes loose from my chair, I tried to turn around and go back to my row, but I can’t because there are quite a few people behind me. I decided it was best just to stay put. Later that evening, my friends asked me why I was so eager to go out to the front of the auditorium. Everyone laughed when I explained to them what actually happened.

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Les Paul Mary Ford

The names listed in today’s title are two of the musical favorites from the time I was growing up in Denver, and would spend hours glued to my G.E. AM Radio listening to the music out of that One little speaker.

As I think about how much I loved that music I was a little surprised that I didn’t drive my Mom and Dad nuts asking them to let me buy a gibson les paul classic custom guitar.  I might have been a great guitar player back then.

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Cajun Memories

Today we were going somewhere in the van and went past a Cajun bar and grill. We’ve never been there, and I don’t think we ever will, but the place got me thinking about my younger years living in Cajun country. This time of the year preparations for Mardi Gras begin in earnest. Many of the parents and relatives of my school buddies were active in the Mardi Gras set. Your family heritage and/or financial status determined what particular krewe you were a member of and what role you would play in the Mardi Gras traditions of galas and parade floats. Mardi Gras was always a big deal in our small town and the parade was the highlight.

Parades in the South are not like parades in other parts of the country. There are floats decorated around certain themes and those in costume and masks would throw candy and trinkets to the crowds. The trinkets consisted of decorative beaded necklaces and personalized coins. These coins were called doubloons and many of them were collectibles. It was custom to yell “throw me something” at the people on the floats. It was better than Halloween!

Oh the memories…

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