Cajun Memories

Today we were going somewhere in the van and went past a Cajun bar and grill. We’ve never been there, and I don’t think we ever will, but the place got me thinking about my younger years living in Cajun country. This time of the year preparations for Mardi Gras begin in earnest. Many of the parents and relatives of my school buddies were active in the Mardi Gras set. Your family heritage and/or financial status determined what particular krewe you were a member of and what role you would play in the Mardi Gras traditions of galas and parade floats. Mardi Gras was always a big deal in our small town and the parade was the highlight.

Parades in the South are not like parades in other parts of the country. There are floats decorated around certain themes and those in costume and masks would throw candy and trinkets to the crowds. The trinkets consisted of decorative beaded necklaces and personalized coins. These coins were called doubloons and many of them were collectibles. It was custom to yell “throw me something” at the people on the floats. It was better than Halloween!

Oh the memories…