First Thing you Saw.

In the house that I grow up in in Denver when you walked in the front door, the first thing that you saw was an upright piano.

Today if I wanted to recreate that in our house, after moving some furniture around, I would have to  buy 88-key weighted keyboard to keep up with the times.

Then I would have to learn how to play it.

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The incredible Dr. Pol

One of my new favorite shows is The Incredible Dr. Pol on the Nat Geo Wild channel. There’s something about a farm animal veterinarian that just fascinates me. Perhaps it all started when I used to watch All Creatures Great and Small, a British TV series about a country veterinarian named James Harriet. I miss that show, but Dr. Pol makes up for it!

See Dr. Pol in action.

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I have always had a great deal of respect for musicians and their ability to get just the right sound by using the best lr baggs during a recording session.

While I was the Music Director at a Rock Station here in the Phoenix area during the late 60s got to sit in on a couple of sessions and I have to tell you it was exciting to watch the beginning to end results.

In most cases, the sound was totally different at the end of the session.


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Les Paul Mary Ford

The names listed in today’s title are two of the musical favorites from the time I was growing up in Denver, and would spend hours glued to my G.E. AM Radio listening to the music out of that One little speaker.

As I think about how much I loved that music I was a little surprised that I didn’t drive my Mom and Dad nuts asking them to let me buy a gibson les paul classic custom guitar.  I might have been a great guitar player back then.

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Relaxing Pastime

When I need to relax I like to watch home remodeling shows on TV.  One of my favorites is Income Property.  This is the show where they come in and remodel an area of the home to make it a separate rentable apartment.  Almost always the floor is redone and 9 times out of 10 they will put in a laminate floor which looks amazing.  I find it relaxing to watch other people installing the new floor however, I’m sure for the people doing it is not a relaxing endeavor.  At least one of us is rested when it’s all through.

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Doc Martin

A few months ago Norm and I discovered a hilarious British sitcom called Doc Martin.  It’s about this little seaside village that hires a former surgeon to be their village doctor.  All the people of the village are quite strange and charming in their own way but the Doc, as they call him, is the weirdest.  He can no longer be a top grade surgeon because he has developed a condition which creates panic attacks at the sight of blood.  He also is a socially inept person who is living in a community of people who think that everyone should be your best friend.  We find ourselves laughing out loud throughout most of the program.

Last night’s episode had the village policeman visiting the doc for his health insurance exam.  He’s about to get married and his fiancée has just told him she is pregnant.  What he doesn’t know is that she’s about three months pregnant, but they have only known each other for a little over a month.  At first you think that maybe there’s going be a case of  paternity testing while pregnant.  However, the twist in the story is that he discovers he is sterile and she is using a fake identity.  He learns that she is a criminal and not who she claims to be and it breaks his heart.  Now, this on the surface does not sound like a comedy, but the way the story plays out with the crazy idiosyncrasies of the characters and all the other little side stories of their lives collide to make one funny show.

We look forward to our weekly viewing.

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