Fun and Easy Choices

Yesterday I went through my kitchen which is something I don’t do very often. Since I don’t cook or wash dishes there isn’t much reason for me to go in there. My husband does all the kitchen work in our home.

A friend was visiting yesterday, and there was something I wanted her to get out of the refrigerator so I went into the kitchen with her. She remarked how pretty my new cabinets looked and I agreed with her that it was nice to see everything looking so good since we had to remodel the kitchen last summer after the pipe burst behind the wall. Later, after she left, I got to thinking about how much fun it was to pick out wood finishes for the cabinets and the cabinet hardware. I spent many hours debating on the choices I had before me and I think I made the right ones. Sigh. I wish all of my choices turned out that way.

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A Special Treat

Today I was all set for a special treat – a manicure and pedicure by my favorite nail technician, Suzanne.   She gives great manicures and pedicures and makes my feet feel so good with just the right touch as she massages them.   Unfortunately, my appointment has to be rescheduled for the end of the week, as she is recovering from being sick and taking care of sick children.   I feel bad for her and hope she gets better soon.

I was all set for that wonderful massage.   Perhaps my husband will oblige?   He loves to rub my feet and I discovered recently that he could take courses through a massage therapy program online.   Then he would know even more ways to make me feel good.   Yes, that would be a special treat indeed.

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Time spent.

Hi Again, Karen’s Husband Norm writing another post for Karen who should be coming home later day.

With her not home, I noticed first how quiet the house was, and second that I spent more time that usual on my computer, playing games.

Maybe I should consider a PS3 .

Before I do that, it might be a good idea to maybe sit down and figure out what kind of game that I enjoy the most and then go looking for something.

Karen likes computer games too.

But what she likes is a far cry from what I like.   Her favorites, at less in my view are much to involved.

To me the simpler the better.

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Are you a fan of breakfast?   I must admit that I am not.   Everyone says it’s the most important meal of the day, but I find that I’m not that hungry early in the morning.   Generally, I need a very small breakfast to keep me going until lunch.   My breakfast habits very according to my mood, but I’ll consistently take my vitamins.

This morning I had Trader Joe’s granola with almond milk instead of cow’s milk.   I don’t like regular milk nor do I like soy milk.   The other day I had red grapes and almond crackers with spreadable Swiss cheese.   Sometimes I enjoy pomegranate and blackberry yogurt with some crackers on the side.   Oh, I do enjoy scrambled eggs for breakfast once in a while too.

What’s your favorite breakfast?

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Norm at the Keyboard.

I’m back, sitting here at my computer keyboard as Karen is   involved with another project.   So that gives me the opportunity to write a post for her.   I like doing things for her, and I especially like doing things with her.   We have a lot of fun just doing the simplest of things.   We don’t have to do something spectacular to have fun.   And we talk to each other a lot.   I have to be honest, I do a lot of listening.   But there again, I really don’t mind.   In fact, kind of enjoy it. And I certainly enjoy her.

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Reason Number 523 To Like the Internet

Being an informed consumer makes it that much easier to make decisions about purchasing products which you know nothing about.   A simple search of the Internet will allow you to make informed choices on a variety of things.   I use the Internet to look for information about just about anything like medications, car insurance, restaurants and appliances.   My friends know that I look up everything on the Internet, so the other day, when one of my friends told me she was thinking about using hydroxycut to lose weight, I suggested that she do an Internet search for hydroxycut reviews.   A few days later she sent me an e-mail thanking me for the suggestion because it saved her from using a product that could have harmed her.   She said I was her Internet Superhero.

Yup, that’s me, digitalKaren — Internet Superhero, doing what I can to help save the world through Internet knowledge.

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