High Definition And Reality Shows

When I have nothing better to do and I feel like watching someone else work, I enjoy watching programs about DIY and home remodeling.   In fact, most of the time my television is tuned to HGTV or DIY network.   Many of these programs could be considered reality shows, especially the ones that show people who like to remodel their homes without the aid of experts.   I’m sure there’s a producer and a camera crew, but I don’t think there’s anyone who does hair and makeup.   You see these people as they really are, sweaty and in dirty clothes, etc. because that’s what happens when you’re working.

One of the shows I like to watch is called Rehab Addict which features a woman who likes to flip houses and do the remodel herself, with the help of subcontractors.   As I was watching this program the other day, I noticed this young woman had rather dark circles under eyes.   Perhaps she had never heard of under eye creams, but somebody needs to clue her in, because it doesn’t look good on HDTV.   Maybe she just works too hard and doesn’t get any sleep.   If you’re reading my blog, dear, get some under eye cream fast.

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Jungle Animal

and now for a musical interlude…

Pomplamoose: They are as fun to watch as they are to listen to!

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This morning I (Norm) read a news story about Elvis on Fox News.   This afternoon while looking at the Internet, I came across, by accident,   http://www.colonixreview.net. Amazing Internet.

As a   DJ from the 60s, I played the records of Elvis, but to be honest, I was not a big fan.   I worked at a rock station, and I had to follow what is called a “Hot Clock” which listed what types of songs you played at what time of each hour.   And back then the “Charts” were full of Elvis songs and I had to play them, even if I didn’t personally like them.

Over the years, I did grown to appreciated his talent.   There is no question that he was the K I N G.

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Making Do

Just the other day I realized that we’ve had our HDTV for over a year now.   The quality of the picture is so much better than what we used to hare, even though I was happy with our old TV.

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Last night I was watching mindless television.   What Not to Wear was on and they were helping an overweight frumpy looking cello player from the Bronx learn how to dress appropriately.   As is the case with most people who have dealt with being overweight, she never felt that she was beautiful enough to bother dressing nicely.   That’s just sad.   Anyhow, she felt being overweight made it impossible for her to find attractive clothing.   However, the hosts of the show encouraged her to forget about her weight and focus on making the most of her features by wearing the right kind of clothing.   It was amazing to see the fast weight loss that occurred when she wore the right kind of jackets, blouses and skirts that accentuated her features.   Wearing the right clothes definitely made her look attractive.

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Christmas Day

Vacation story part three is all about Christmas Day spent at my brother’s house.   It was a wonderful time spent with my brother and his wife, their three daughters, my sister-in-law’s mother, my parents and Norm and myself.  

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