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It occurred to me today that it’s been two weeks since I last blogged.   Not really any excuses to report, just been busy.

My parents came for a visit and we had a good time together and now I’m planning a trip to see them next month.   It will be nice to get out of the heat and enjoy some ocean breezes for a few days and spend some time with “the girls” a.k.a. my nieces.

Last Sunday I had a very tasty cheese danish for breakfast and I got to thinking about pastry names.   I wonder if those who live in Denmark call any particular pastry American? (no fooling — I really had that thought.)

My wonderful husband and I will be going to see a Diamondbacks game on Sunday afternoon.   It’s church night at Chase Field and we got two free tickets.   We haven’t been to a Diamondbacks game or any baseball game since 2001.   Anyhow, it should be a lot of fun since many our DVC friends will be going as well.   I understand that some of the Diamondbacks players will be giving their testimonies after the game.

Tuesday evening Norm and I watched MI5 a.k.a. Spooks on the BBC America channel.   We discovered this show a couple of weeks ago and it’s very interesting although sometimes we can’t figure out what they’re saying because it’s British English and they do something weird with their audio.   So on the episode this week they showed someone who got into a geographic typography database and changed some mountain range information so as to foul up aviation traffic control computers.   What is so interesting about this is that the next afternoon, while Norm and I were driving home from somewhere in Scottsdale, we heard on the radio that United Airlines’ (I think) computer system was shut down causing major flight delays all over the country.   Talk about ironic!   One of those “life imitates art” moments for sure.

And finally, I discovered this week that I’m one of the cool people.   You know, like in high school when you discover that you are doing something cool before the in crowd was even doing it.   That was never me in high school, but it seems that sometimes it can be me on the Internet.   Michelle Malkin, one of THE upper echelon of the blogosphere, unveiled her new website redesign and now sports a WordPress blog.   I was doing WordPress long before Michelle Malkin was.   (Taking a bow… yes, I’m sure you’re all impressed.) 😉

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    Jun 24, 2007