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Here’s something you need to watch if you’re a fan of Doc Martin.

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Local Arizona Media

We live in Scottsdale Arizona and there isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t see on either the 6 or 10 PM Television news a story about immigration lawyers in Phoenix.

I asked Karen if the same would be true if we say lived in San Diego or Los Angeles, would we be seeing stories nightly about immigration lawyers in San Diego or immigration lawyers in Los Angeles?

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I Didn’t Lose an Hour of Sleep

156066_4353135077245_359652627_nLiving in Arizona we don’t change our clocks in the spring or the fall, so we didn’t lose any sleep yesterday when the rest of the country lost an hour. I think this picture shows how I used to feel when I lived in California and we lost an hour in the spring.

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This time of year, individuals, families, as well as businesses send out Christmas Cards.

Just as important as the card is the envelope printing. I have seen some cards that are made into the envelope but if you have a lot of cards to sent their cost must be taken into consideration.

If you have a business having the right envelope for your business during the rest of the year is equally important.

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I just got off Facebook with a friend that lives in NC and she was asking me here in Scottsdale if I knew of some carpet cleaners durham nc .  As it turned out, I was able to go on the Internet and help her out.

I have not talked with my friend for years but happened to stumble on her there on Facebook this morning.  She and I went to the same High School.  Now I would have no trouble telling you when that was, but she might not want me to, as it was many moons ago.


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Mush Easier, Much Faster

Just before High School I became interested in taking pictures.  At first stills, then movies.  We’re talking about the late 1950’s, early 1960’s and back then they were filmed based. It was a fun hobby.

Today, while there is no question that film cameras have their place, if I were asked to make a suggestion, I would be first to say look into digital cameras. They offer so many more options than old-school fill cameras and you can take as many photos as your sd card can hold. No worries about bad shots either, just delete them and try again.


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