In a Great Mood.

I feel like having a cigar from  opus x cigars.

Now I’m not one who smokes but several times a year the mood just hits me, that I need to sit down and celebrate what’s going on in my life.

I have a lot to be happy about this week:   Sunday we had a flat tire.   Monday I spent $300.00 for 2 new tires.   Tuesday I found out our van needs $3,000.00 in work.   Thursday my one remaining hearing aid, gave up and died on me.   Friday, out dryer starting making so much noise we had to turn it off in fear it’s was going to tear itself apart.

Today, I’m just going to concentrate on enjoying a cigar.

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Back Again.

This is the third time today that I have been typing away on The View from My Chair while Karen is off doing something else.   Please don’t think that she doesn’t care about the blog, but with her being in the hospital twice in the past three weeks for surgery, she is a little tired.

While at the hospital in the waiting rooms, I could not help but wonder if some of the people there were waiting for the best herpes treatment.

I guess I was having a Pima County Sheriff Dupnik moment… not using facts to come up with a thought.

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It has occurred to me today that I don’t spend time talking on the phone anymore. It used to be that I would talk on the phone several times a week to various friends, but I can’t remember the last time I did that. Perhaps the Internet has taken away my need for phone calls to girlfriends? I miss those days and quite frankly I miss having those silly sort of girlfriend chats. Long gone are the days when I would while away the minutes discussing the latest magazine articles I’ve read, who’s using diet pills, fashion trends, and various and sundry other mundane topics. Now I just sit at my computer and read what everybody else is talking about on Facebook and Twitter. I’m getting bored of it and I really could use some girlfriend time. Only trouble is I don’t have any girlfriends who are free to just spend time together. Everyone I know is either busy with children, grandchildren or working. Ho-hum. Woe is me.

On lighter news I discovered that it’s no fun to drink with a straw that has more than two holes. All you do is suck air or spit soda all over yourself.

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