It has occurred to me today that I don’t spend time talking on the phone anymore. It used to be that I would talk on the phone several times a week to various friends, but I can’t remember the last time I did that. Perhaps the Internet has taken away my need for phone calls to girlfriends? I miss those days and quite frankly I miss having those silly sort of girlfriend chats. Long gone are the days when I would while away the minutes discussing the latest magazine articles I’ve read, who’s using diet pills, fashion trends, and various and sundry other mundane topics. Now I just sit at my computer and read what everybody else is talking about on Facebook and Twitter. I’m getting bored of it and I really could use some girlfriend time. Only trouble is I don’t have any girlfriends who are free to just spend time together. Everyone I know is either busy with children, grandchildren or working. Ho-hum. Woe is me.

On lighter news I discovered that it’s no fun to drink with a straw that has more than two holes. All you do is suck air or spit soda all over yourself.