ADA Bathroom Fail

Last week I was out for dinner with my husband. There was a handicap accessible restroom in the building, although it was not part of the restaurant we were at. This restroom was for visitors to the shopping center. It was a single stall restroom for male or female use. It was roomy and had grab bars near the toilet and a wheelchair accessible sink. The only problem was the mirror positioned above the sink. As you can see from my photo the mirror is too high for a person seated in a wheelchair to see their face, let alone any other part of their body. I wonder who the genius is who thought this would actually be a wheelchair accessible height for the mirror?and look at those

supposedly handicap accessible bathroom

And just look at position of the soap dispenser and paper towels. Out of reach for many of us shorter wheelchair users. I guess architects and designers think that those of us in wheelchairs don’t need paper towels, soap or a quick view of our hair and makeup when we use the public restroom.


  1. Norm Seeley Jr.
    Aug 9, 2012

    If, like me at 6’4″ it didn’t cause a problem.

  2. Vony
    Aug 17, 2012

    sad sad sad