Chilly Day

My walk with Henry this morning required a wrap to keep me warm. It’s cold today because of last night’s storm. Fall has arrived in Scottsdale.

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How Not To Greet A Dog

Found this on Facebook:

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Spend Where It Counts

I’ve mentioned previously about my beloved dog, Henry, an 8 pound poodle Maltese mix. He is such an adorable dog. When I first got him, around five months ago, I decided that I needed to be creative when I could not spend lots of money on doggie things. Owning a pet can be quite expensive, so I’ve looked for ways that I can save money or not spend any and all and still provide the stuff Henry needs. When I adopted him from the shelter, they gave me a leash that does not require a collar. I thought we needed to buy him a collar and leash set, but it actually works better to use the leash they gave me.

Henry on his pillow bed.

Right away I knew he would need a bed, but I couldn’t afford one yet, so I used a cardboard box with a couple of layers of towels for padding. He loved it! After couple of months I decided that he needed something bigger, but I still didn’t want to spend $15-$20 on a dog bed. I was at Walmart one day and found they had sleeping pillows on sale for $2.50. It was just the right size and he thinks it’s heaven.

Certainly, I do spend money on Henry when it’s necessary. He eats a high quality dog food and I have him groomed every couple months. I like to save money on things that I can be creative with.

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Update on Henry

Henry, the newest addition to our pet family, is doing much better. He seems to have gotten over his respiratory infection and is enjoying his life with us. There have been a few ups and downs as he gets to know our routine and we get to understand him. On the rare days when we have to be gone for several hours, we try to make sure that he has opportunities to relieve himself before we go. However, we understand that sometimes we are not going to make it home in time. And lately, we seem to have missed his signals to go outside before we retire for the evening. The next morning we find that he has relieved himself right in front of my desk, which is right near where he sleeps.

We were at Walmart yesterday and saw these advanced training pads. These you put down on the floor in the place you want your dog to go when he can’t go outside. It says on the package that they have an attractant that is enticing to your dog so that he will use it as a place to relieve himself.

Well, it seems that Henry is quite attracted to these pads, but not for relieving himself. He takes a nap on it. Product fail.

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Regarding Henry

Norm and I adopted the cutest little dog we found at our local animal shelter. He is a six-year-old (estimated by the shelter) Maltese mix male. We call him Henry. He is so sweet and enjoys being in my lap. We have had him for a full week now and he has adjusted quite well to our home and seems to get along okay with our cat, GG.

Unfortunately he developed a respiratory infection a few days after he came to us. His veterinarian thinks it’s probably kennel cough which he would’ve picked up from the shelter. He’s been treated with antibiotics and hopefully he will be feeling better in a few days. It’s quite frustrating to see him so congested. I wish I knew how to help a dog blow his nose!

As you can see from the photos below he is a darling.

Getting acquainted at the shelter.

Happy at home.

Henry & GG get along.

Henry & GG enjoying my bed.

Waiting to see the Doctor

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