Merry Christmas

670532_63847625It’s that time of year again when we celebrate God’s gift to the world, his son Jesus.   Emmanuel, God with us, became one of us so that he could ultimately become the sacrifice to save us all.   What a precious gift indeed.   All you have to do to receive this gift is believe in your heart that Jesus is the Christ, the promised Messiah, and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord.   How simple, and yet by doing so you will change your life completely.

May your Christmas celebration be a time for reflection upon the true meaning of Christmas.

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Labor Day of Love

Yesterday there was a lot of activity going on around our house.   A group of friends we met at church over the past nine years came over and did some amazing work in our front yard, which was a true labor of love.   We went from having a large yard of hard packed dirt and very little grass here and there, to having a beautiful rock scape with a brick path for me to roll around on so I can enjoy the shade of our pine tree.   It was hard work for everyone involved and I’m sure they got their exercise for the week without having to do ellipticals for a while.   Hopefully they’re not too sore today!   Check out Norm’s blog for photos and video.

Thank you so much for blessing us with the gift of your labor and for those who donated funds for materials.   We are humbled and so grateful for your gift.

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Happy Birthday, Pop

Collage by Dixie Sampier

Collage by Dixie Sampier

Last week my dad turned 70.   It’s hard to fathom because I used to think 70 was really old but I don’t anymore.   My dad doesn’t seem really old to me and I don’t think he feels that way either.   When dad was my age I was in college and it doesn’t seem all that long ago.   Time sure flies by and it seems to fly by faster the older you get.

A couple of days ago my mom, who’s a very talented artist, showed me this new kind of art she is learning to do.   She took a copy of an old photo of my dad, when he was probably about 13, and made an interesting collage with paint and paper objects.   It’s funny to think of my dad at an age when one might be worried about finding the best acne treatment.   Although from this picture it doesn’t look like he had that problem.

I love my dad and I’m glad he has lived seven decades in this life. It is because of the loving, godly upbringing he and my mother gave me and my brother that we will enjoy the next life together as well.

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A Dove Story

I’m ready for summer to be over.   It seems like it lasts forever here in the desert, but I guess it does have an end.   It would be nice to be outdoors for extended time periods and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Nature came to my front door today.  

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God and dog.

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God Bless America

Happy Independence Day

May God bless America with more families like this one.

The Voices of Glory

She wouldn’t survive a government run healthcare system.

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