A Dove Story

I’m ready for summer to be over.   It seems like it lasts forever here in the desert, but I guess it does have an end.   It would be nice to be outdoors for extended time periods and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Nature came to my front door today.   We left late this morning for an appointment and found a dove resting right next to our front door on a pile of river rocks and pine needles.   Norm almost stepped on her while checking the mailbox.   She never moved and sat there calmly while we moved close to her trying to figure out what was wrong.   We were late so we just left her where she was as she seemed okay, but just not reacting to us the way a bird usually does.

Remembering what Jesus said about the sparrows, I said a quick prayer as we left the house asking God to protect the dove.   While I rode in the van and listened to a commercial on the radio touting the benefits of weight loss products, I wondered what would become of this dove.   Would she still be there when we came home?   Would a neighborhood cat take advantage of her weakness?   Was she hurt?   Why didn’t she moved away from us?

After our appointment and a quick bite to eat at Fuddruckers, we headed home.   As we pulled into the driveway and parked under the carport, I could see that the bird was gone.   We got out of the van and looked around for any evidence of a struggle.   There were no stray feathers so I assume the dove was able to regain her strength and fly away.

In thinking about this morning’s events I recall that earlier in the morning I read Psalm 29 and the last verse stuck out.   “… the LORD blesses his people with peace.”   I asked God for peace.   And now as I’m thinking about that, a dove is a symbol of peace.   I’m glad God gives me reminders now and then.