What Makes for a Great Dining Experience?

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Generally, what makes for a great dining experience is really good food. Often times it’s more than just the food that keeps us returning to a restaurant. Case in point — Pima Deli & Café in North Scottsdale. Norm and I visit this locally owned and operated café about once a month. I’ve written about this great place before, but I am writing about it again because of something interesting that happened today.

As usual, we were greeted warmly by the hostess, Fran, and treated like honored guests. Fran wants to know all about us and how we’ve been doing and why haven’t we been there lately, etc. Our waitress comes to take the order and she recognizes us and asks how we’ve been doing as well. Then another waitress comes over to the table while Fran the hostess is chatting with us. This other waitress tells Fran that I am the lady who wrote the article. (I don’t write articles for the paper, so I assume she is referring to my blog. This is probably the first time I’ve ever been recognized in public for my blog!) Fran gets all excited and then proceeds to share with me an interesting story.

It seems that the other day Fran was having to deal with some not so friendly customers who made false accusations about her to the management. Fran is a wonderful person and she was troubled by the whole situation which caused her great grief. This other waitress, I think her name is Diane, told Fran not to be upset about it and reminded her of my “article” about how nice Fran was as a hostess. Diane was referring to my blog post in April on our first visit to Pima Deli. We didn’t know it but it was Fran’s first day as well.

Diane must have found my blog post while doing a keyword search for Pima deli Scottsdale. I get a lot of hits to this blog because of that post. In fact, according to Google Analytics, it is the number two keyword search that brings visitors to my blog. This is something I think Pima deli’s owners ought to be aware of. They don’t have a website and I have mentioned that fact to the management before. It seems that he told me that some family member was taking care of that and they would have a website soon. That was a few months ago. Well, I still am available if they would like me to design their website. (:grin: Hint, hint…)

Norm and I eat out a lot — mostly because he can’t cook very well. We visit many of the same restaurants over and over again. In thinking about all the places we regularly frequent, I would have to say that part of what brings us back is the people who work there. When you are regulars at a restaurant and the staff treat you that way it makes for a great dining experience. Fran is one of the reasons we keep returning to Pima Deli & Café in North Scottsdale.


  1. Colin
    Sep 3, 2006

    I know where I’m going next time I’m in your town! And Norm, you keep going for the Corned Beef. I love Pastrami…

  2. Vanda
    Sep 4, 2006

    That’s what we’re short of around here some, nice places to eat out.

    ps. I posted some pictures of the great granddaughter:grin: