Sunday Lunch Excursion

If you found this post because you were searching for The Pima Deli & Café website, let them know sent you!  

My wonderful husband Norm and I tried a different place for lunch today after church. The Pima Deli & Café is a New York style deli that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located on Northsight Blvd. just north of Raintree Road in North Scottsdale, is right around the corner from where we attend church. It was a pleasant experience for lunch. As soon as we walked in the door we were immediately greeted by the man behind the deli counter. The hostess soon arrived and let me choose the table that felt most comfortable to me. She was a very friendly woman who it turned out was not the regular hostess, but she acted as if it was her life’s mission to make sure that the patrons of the restaurant were comfortable. Certainly something I don’t see too often.

The menu was enormous with tons of options for breakfast, snacking, lunching, and dining. Right away we could tell this was a Russian Jewish style deli with three kinds of herring and beet borscht soup on the menu. Bagels abounded as well as potato pancakes and rye bread. Norm loves herring so he ordered that as well as pastrami on rye. I had an open face brisket sandwich on a potato latke with Russian dressing and red onion slices. I had a side dish of coleslaw and Norm had a side dish of potato salad. We both enjoyed our lunch and had plenty of food to take home. I had a brisket sandwich for dinner from my left over brisket and I will probably have brisket sandwich tomorrow to since there was so much meat. Norm’s pastrami sandwich was so thick with thinly sliced pastrami that he had to pull half of the meat out of his sandwich in order to bite into it. We definitely got our money’s worth of food. The only thing I did not enjoy was the iced tea. It wasn’t bad, but it was that China Mist tea that I’m not overly fond of. It tends to have a slightly sour aftertaste even with sweetener added. My favorite iced tea is Luzianne brand.

If you’re in the mood for New York Jewish deli in Scottsdale give the Pima Deli & Café a try. (I received no compensation for this post from the restaurant or any of its associates.)


  1. NormB
    May 1, 0006

    Love of my life, even sitting right next to me, you got a little mixed up. It might have been because I know you don’t like fish, and the Herring was right there in front of me.

    So that we’re accurate, it was Corned Beef, not Pastrami.

    Thank you for the use of the hall.

    Your loving husband.

  2. Vanda
    May 1, 2006

    Mmmmmm sounds like a great lunch. What we wouldn’t give for a “real” pastrami on rye. I can get great pastrami but finding anything than German rye bread is hard. It’s ok, but just not the same you know?