It’s Me Again.

Here I am again.   Karen’s husband, Norm… typing away.

When Karen “writes” a post, she dictates using a microphone connected to her computer.   Real High Tech.

But last Friday afternoon we discovered a water leak in the hallway in front of the door which opened to our Hot Water Heater.   In an effort to control your tears, it was determined that it wasn’t a leaking hot water heater, but a pipe behind the kitchen sink and dishwasher.

Since mid Friday afternoon our kitchen has been closed off from the rest of our house and there are two fans…dehumidifiers,   churning away in there, trying to dry out the wall.   And not only is it hot in the kitchen itself, but noisy in the area where Karen’s computer is… just a few feet   away from the kitchen.   So with all the noise, it’s hard for her to dictate.   So here I am blogging away.

I suppose I could write a review about the fan devises in our kitchen or write several   nuphedragen reviews or one even about our 2 for 1 lunch today at Cafe ZuZu at the Valley Ho here in Scottsdale.

But, I have to be honest… my fingers are tired.

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