Regarding Henry

Norm and I adopted the cutest little dog we found at our local animal shelter. He is a six-year-old (estimated by the shelter) Maltese mix male. We call him Henry. He is so sweet and enjoys being in my lap. We have had him for a full week now and he has adjusted quite well to our home and seems to get along okay with our cat, GG.

Unfortunately he developed a respiratory infection a few days after he came to us. His veterinarian thinks it’s probably kennel cough which he would’ve picked up from the shelter. He’s been treated with antibiotics and hopefully he will be feeling better in a few days. It’s quite frustrating to see him so congested. I wish I knew how to help a dog blow his nose!

As you can see from the photos below he is a darling.

Getting acquainted at the shelter.

Happy at home.

Henry & GG get along.

Henry & GG enjoying my bed.

Waiting to see the Doctor