Spend Where It Counts

I’ve mentioned previously about my beloved dog, Henry, an 8 pound poodle Maltese mix. He is such an adorable dog. When I first got him, around five months ago, I decided that I needed to be creative when I could not spend lots of money on doggie things. Owning a pet can be quite expensive, so I’ve looked for ways that I can save money or not spend any and all and still provide the stuff Henry needs. When I adopted him from the shelter, they gave me a leash that does not require a collar. I thought we needed to buy him a collar and leash set, but it actually works better to use the leash they gave me.

Henry on his pillow bed.

Right away I knew he would need a bed, but I couldn’t afford one yet, so I used a cardboard box with a couple of layers of towels for padding. He loved it! After couple of months I decided that he needed something bigger, but I still didn’t want to spend $15-$20 on a dog bed. I was at Walmart one day and found they had sleeping pillows on sale for $2.50. It was just the right size and he thinks it’s heaven.

Certainly, I do spend money on Henry when it’s necessary. He eats a high quality dog food and I have him groomed every couple months. I like to save money on things that I can be creative with.