Update on Henry

Henry, the newest addition to our pet family, is doing much better. He seems to have gotten over his respiratory infection and is enjoying his life with us. There have been a few ups and downs as he gets to know our routine and we get to understand him. On the rare days when we have to be gone for several hours, we try to make sure that he has opportunities to relieve himself before we go. However, we understand that sometimes we are not going to make it home in time. And lately, we seem to have missed his signals to go outside before we retire for the evening. The next morning we find that he has relieved himself right in front of my desk, which is right near where he sleeps.

We were at Walmart yesterday and saw these advanced training pads. These you put down on the floor in the place you want your dog to go when he can’t go outside. It says on the package that they have an attractant that is enticing to your dog so that he will use it as a place to relieve himself.

Well, it seems that Henry is quite attracted to these pads, but not for relieving himself. He takes a nap on it. Product fail.