The Big Chill

I don’t envy those people who ran in the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon early this morning. We woke up to temperatures around 25 °F this morning and when we left for church around 10 o’clock it was about 35 °. I’m not used to temperatures that cold. I think our high today was in the 40s which is usually where our overnight low is. It’s going to be another freezing night tonight and probably tomorrow night as well. At least we don’t have snow or rain. Actually, if it rained it might be warmer.

Other than the cold temperatures it was a beautiful day. We had a nice service at church this morning with an inspiring message from Pastor Mark on how God seeks us out. “For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.” Luke 19:10 I’m really glad that God sought me out!

After lunch I spent the afternoon watching the Chargers play the Patriots. It was exciting until the end when the Chargers lost. Big bummer!

This evening Norm and I watched 24. For some reason it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. Perhaps tomorrow night will be better? It was still a good program, but perhaps there was too much hype leading up to it. Either that, or I’m getting used to expecting the unexpected from 24 and not been surprised by it anymore.

Well I’m going to bed now because somebody has to keep the cats warm. LOL actually they are the ones who keep me warm because I wake up in the morning with at least one of them curled up on my body. They make great legwarmers.


  1. March Hare
    Jan 15, 2007

    It’s the same out here, too! I can tell how cold the night is by the number of cats I wake up with.

    I was bummed about the Chargers and the Seahawks (I was really pulling for Seattle!). As for “24,” I was surprised to see “Kumar” and “Dr. Bashear” in prominent roles. (Hubs thinks that the kid who plays “Ahmed’s” neighbor is the same kid who was in “Sky High.”)

    I thought there were a couple of nice twists: Karen and Bill getting married (does this doom one of them?) The purported bad guy actually being on the side of good. Chloe and her ex jeopardizing Jack’s security. And Peter MacNichol–do you trust him?

    Fun times!

  2. Karen of Scottsdale
    Jan 15, 2007

    Oh yes — Karen and Bill getting married was really cool, but it could be that one of them will see a demise this season. Chloe and Miles are quite the couple too. I don’t trust Peter MacNicol at all — he seems a little bit slimy here. Nothing like his character on Numb3rs.

    Dr. Bashear definitely caught me off guard. And that Kumar guy — I didn’t know where I had seen him before until you mentioned it. (Though I didn’t see that movie.) I wonder if being “Arab looking” in Hollywood means you have to play bad guys now and then? Although I’m sure both of those guys are probably Persian and not Arab — big difference! Kind of like 40 to 60 years ago in Hollywood when anyone who looked like an Indian played one.

  3. Vanda
    Jan 16, 2007

    LOL It’s colder there than it is here Karen. We haven’t had a frost for ages. Just rain, wind, rain, wind and more of the same day in and day out.