I never thought of this

You should visit fiberfill today and you will find a lot of ideas about doing things for your home.

What I was amazed with is that on the visit, you can come up with all sorts of different stuff that will make your house more fun for the people and the pets.

In our hose there are two people and two pets but lately both Karen and I have been thinking a lot of about how we can make are pets, one cat, one dog, feel more at home.


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Sometimes It’s Not What You Think It Is

I’ve been thinking about getting a kitten.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a young cat in the house.  GG, our current cat, is 10 years old and generally doesn’t cause a lot of mischief around our house.  When she was a kitten it was a completely different story.  Thus, I’ve been thinking about how to prep our home so that a young cat won’t get into a lot of trouble.  I was explaining this to a friend the other day and he suggested that surface raceways would be just the thing for our house.  Granted, I run around on six wheels in the house, but I don’t consider it a race way.  He then explained to me that surface raceways are used to protect exposed wires and cables.  Aha.  That’s exactly what I need with all the computer wires and cables around my house.

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Cat Massage

The other night I had this weird dream. I dreamed I was at my chiropractor’s office receiving electronic muscle stimulation. Normally, it’s done on my neck and shoulders prior to receiving a chiropractic adjustment. In my dream, though, it was on my thigh. I kept thinking during the dream that something wasn’t quite right and I needed to tell my chiropractor’s assistant that something was amiss, but I couldn’t remember her name. When I woke up I realized what was happening. My cat, GG, who often sleeps near my legs, was giving me a cat massage. With her claws slightly poking through the blanket onto my leg, it felt just like muscle stimulation. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

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Yes, It Really Happened

As previously mentioned by my husband, we are going through some kitchen reconstruction at our humble abode due to a drain pipe leak behind the wall.   One wall in our kitchen, which also is shared by the two bathrooms in our home, has been without drywall for a few weeks.   Last Friday afternoon a couple of men came over to install new drywall and paint.   It caused quite a bit of racket and they were here for 5 to 6 hours.

Whenever anyone comes to our house our cat GG hides.   Generally she runs to our bedroom and hides in the back of the closet.   Our other cat, Miss Ellie, is not at all put off by visitors and will usually hang around to see what’s going on.   So, I was not at all surprised that we did not see GG all day.

The men finished their work around six that evening and about an hour later Norm and I went out for dinner since we still do not have total use of our kitchen.   I expected when we came home that we would see GG waiting for us in the living room.   No, she was not there when we returned an hour later.

Norm had been saying for several weeks that he was concerned that GG would get sealed up in the wall.   And, when she wasn’t waiting for us, I began to think it might be true.   I went into the kitchen and called her name.   Sure enough, I heard a soft meow from behind the wall.   Oh my!   What do we do?   I called 911, but they told me they did not do animal rescue.   Perhaps I should call animal control?   Norm was on the other phone with the contractor.   He told us to go ahead and cut a hole in the wall.   You see was already 8:30 PM.   Norm got the neighbor to help him cut a hole in the drywall.   I knew the only place that she could be, that the workers would not have noticed, was in the tight space running perpendicular to the kitchen wall that holds all the pipes for the bathrooms.

The whole was cut open and the neighbor left and GG did not come out for over three hours.   She must have gone to sleep deep within the wall.   We called her and called her to no avail.   Thinking that we needed some sort of exit alarm, we put a bowl of tuna fish on the kitchen floor next to the whole in the wall.   It was nearly midnight before she emerged and we were exhausted from all the worry.   I am so glad she survived, but honestly I was ready to ring her neck when she came out!

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Morning Discussion

When Norm and I first wake up in the morning we often tell each other what we remember from our dreams during the night.   Sometimes we can have quite vivid dreams.   This morning we both had something funny to share.   He dreamed that somebody was chasing him and so he ran into an alley to hide.   There was some woman in the alley who said she had something to tell him about the side effects of diet pills.   So I asked him what she said and he said he didn’t know because that’s when he woke up.   Yes, that was a strange one and consequently we had a good laugh.   My dream wasn’t quite so weird.   I dreamed we were exploring an old house and I found a kitten hiding in a box.   Oh boy!   I love it when a dream about kittens.   This one was quite happy to see me and started purring the moment I held him.   What did you dream about last night?

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Want a good giggle?

This video makes me giggle every time I watch it.   I hope you enjoy kittens and giggling.

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