Another Reason…

… to fund adult stem cell research, not human embryonic stem cell research:

In a breakthrough trial, 15 young patients with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes were given drugs to suppress their immune systems followed by transfusions of stem cells drawn from their own blood.   The results show that insulin-dependent diabetics can be freed from reliance on needles by an injection of their own stem cells.

Many treatments are being discovered through stem cell therapy research that does not use human embryonic stem cells.   There are no treatments (none, nada, zero) using embryonic stem cells, which are the early stages of human life.   Don’t waste tax dollars on research that has yielded no results and will cause the destruction of human life.   And for the record, there is no ban on embryonic stems of research in the US.

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Free Speech Time

It’s time for me to have a say in response to some of the political ads I’ve been seeing on TV in the past week or two.

I don’t believe Pederson when he states in his commercial that Senator Kyle wants to criminalize abortion. Just because Senator Kyle voted to confirm the Supreme Court nominees does not mean he wants to make criminals out of women who kill their babies. If anything, I would think Senator Kyle wants the citizens of Arizona to have the opportunity to decide whether or not abortion should be legal, not a handful of Supreme Court justices who are not allowed by our Constitution to make laws.

Another thing about Pederson — I visited his gigantic shopping center in North Scottsdale over the weekend and I must say that he could care less about people who use motorized wheelchairs! Cobblestone pavers are painful when you roll over them in a wheelchair and it is criminal not to put ramps and curb cuts so that a wheelchair user can go from one section of the shopping center to another section of the shopping center without having to enter lanes of vehicle traffic and risk being hit by people who don’t look where they’re driving.

Now on to Harry Mitchell — you make me sick! How dare you accuse Congressman JD Hayworth of not caring about medical research to cure diseases such as MS and Parkinson’s. The federal limits on embryonic stem cell research have only to do with using federal funds — nothing more! How many times must I tell you people that embryonic stem cell research has not been limited by President Bush or Congress or anyone else in the Republican Party? Besides, embryonic stem cell research has not yielded anything close to a treatment! If anything is known from the research thus far it is that embryonic stem cells are hazardous because they can turn into tumors. It is highly misleading to suggest that the election of one candidate over another will lead to cures of seriously debilitating diseases! Do not be misled by the hype of Progressives, Liberals and Democrats who would rather deceive you then tell you the truth.

I for one think it is immoral to exploit the suffering of people for political purposes and then to mislead them by implying if you elect this guy over that guy we will find cures for horrible diseases. I am rolling off my soapbox now. (This post is closed for commenting to keep the trolls from contaminating my blog. If you have something you would like to comment on this post you can send me an e-mail.)

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Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Bravo to President Bush for a veto on the embryonic stem cell (ESC) research bill. ESC research is junk science. Research on ESC has been going on all over the world and yet there is not one cure or treatment or even a human clinical trial of a possible treatment going on anywhere. However, adult stem cells already treat 65 medical conditions safely and effectively!

An article by Michael Fumento at NRO points out the junk science behind the hype over ESC research. But what I find most interesting about his article is the reason behind the push for taxpayer dollars to fund ES cell research — “because private investors know just how very unpromising it is.” Don’t you people in California wish you had listened to that fact before you voted to waste taxpayer dollars?

And just how unpromising is ESC? Here’s an interesting article from James P. Kelly, someone who used to support ESC research but changed his mind four years ago when he began to see how impractical it is to waste limited research resources. These are the facts he states as to why is he has changed his position:

1) Replacing cells without removing the cause of the disease cannot be a “cure.”
2) ES cells have the most basic research hurdles to overcome.
3) Unlike stem cells from adult tissues and cord blood, ES cells cannot be used directly in treatments.
4) ES cells matured in vitro (in a petri dish) tend to be genetically unstable and often function abnormally.
5) Adult cells have outperformed fetal and the embryonic derived cells for myelination, insulin production, and Parkinson’s clinical results.
6) Adult stem cells already treat 65 medical conditions safely and effectively — ES cells treat none.

While the truth behind ESC is enough for the President’s veto today, more importantly he did so for moral reasons. Human embryos are human! Creating embryos only to be destroyed for scientific research is immoral.

Now you know where I stand on the issue.

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