Bound4LIFE – Houston, Now Is The Time

If I lived in Houston I’d be in the march!

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Abortion Survivor

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Pro-life, Not Anti-Choice

Here’s an excellent article on what it means to be pro-life versus pro-abortion.

This part is my favorite:

Thirty-five years of convoluted thinking. Pro-abortion forces think they’re fighting for the freedom of women. They think by having abortion available, it equalizes men and women, because then women also have the power to just “walk away.” What they refuse to recognize is that as long as they continue to perpetuate the notion that there is something wrong with bearing children, then women will continue to be treated as second-class citizens.

As long as they insist that parenthood is a choice, women who want to have their children will be dismissed by the workplace, the universities, and society in general because “well that was your decision, you didn’t have to have that baby” and, for the same reason, men will continue to think that it’s okay to abandon their obligations.

Where are all the promises of Roe v. Wade? Over 40 million abortions and women still don’t have equal pay, child abuse rates have soared, and more women and children than ever before are in poverty. The status quo ain’t workin’ — time to rethink things, NARAL.

Pro-life forces are the ones who are “pro-woman.” We are the ones who believe in the capabilities of women. We are the ones telling women they don’t have to pay with their children’s lives in order to get ahead. We are the ones working for change to alter archaic concepts that oppress pregnant and parenting women in the workforce, in academia, and the world at large.

There are so many other battles that would truly empower women. Fighting child pornography, human trafficking, and rape-as-warfare. But until our child-bearing gift is elevated to its deserved status, pregnant and parenting women and their children will remain to viewed as nothing more than burdens to be disposed of.

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Oh the irony!

It seems that Russia has a low birth rate and a high death rate and a shrinking population since the early 1990s. They have one-seventh of the world’s land surface but they are one of the most sparsely settled countries in the world with only 141.4 million citizen. To counteract this crisis that have instituted a Day of Conception for three years now giving couples time off from work to procreate. They even give cash incentives to families who have more than one child.   The Duggar family of Arkansas would make a fortune in Russia!   Hmm… maybe the should do some seminars for Russian couples?

I wonder why it is then that so many American families are adopting Russian orphans? I know of four children from Russia adopted by two different families and three of the children are siblings. There is even a group here in the Phoenix area who brings children over from Russia to spend a week with families here in an effort to match them for adoption purposes. Seems rather ironic doesn’t it?

What’s even more ironic is that China, right next door to Russia, won’t allow couples to have more than one child. That is so sad.

I think it is wonderful when couples adopt a child who needs a family and I think it’s equally wonderful when a woman puts her child up for adoption instead of having an abortion. Had I married younger and been better off financially I would have adopted children.

Now, don’t think I’m against what Russia is doing to encourage a population increase through a higher birth rate. I just think it’s rather ironic when you look at the big picture. 😉

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Instead of Plan B

Why not try Plan A?   (Hat tip to Garrett.)

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Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Bravo to President Bush for a veto on the embryonic stem cell (ESC) research bill. ESC research is junk science. Research on ESC has been going on all over the world and yet there is not one cure or treatment or even a human clinical trial of a possible treatment going on anywhere. However, adult stem cells already treat 65 medical conditions safely and effectively!

An article by Michael Fumento at NRO points out the junk science behind the hype over ESC research. But what I find most interesting about his article is the reason behind the push for taxpayer dollars to fund ES cell research — “because private investors know just how very unpromising it is.” Don’t you people in California wish you had listened to that fact before you voted to waste taxpayer dollars?

And just how unpromising is ESC? Here’s an interesting article from James P. Kelly, someone who used to support ESC research but changed his mind four years ago when he began to see how impractical it is to waste limited research resources. These are the facts he states as to why is he has changed his position:

1) Replacing cells without removing the cause of the disease cannot be a “cure.”
2) ES cells have the most basic research hurdles to overcome.
3) Unlike stem cells from adult tissues and cord blood, ES cells cannot be used directly in treatments.
4) ES cells matured in vitro (in a petri dish) tend to be genetically unstable and often function abnormally.
5) Adult cells have outperformed fetal and the embryonic derived cells for myelination, insulin production, and Parkinson’s clinical results.
6) Adult stem cells already treat 65 medical conditions safely and effectively — ES cells treat none.

While the truth behind ESC is enough for the President’s veto today, more importantly he did so for moral reasons. Human embryos are human! Creating embryos only to be destroyed for scientific research is immoral.

Now you know where I stand on the issue.

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