Morning Discussion

When Norm and I first wake up in the morning we often tell each other what we remember from our dreams during the night.   Sometimes we can have quite vivid dreams.   This morning we both had something funny to share.   He dreamed that somebody was chasing him and so he ran into an alley to hide.   There was some woman in the alley who said she had something to tell him about the side effects of diet pills.   So I asked him what she said and he said he didn’t know because that’s when he woke up.   Yes, that was a strange one and consequently we had a good laugh.   My dream wasn’t quite so weird.   I dreamed we were exploring an old house and I found a kitten hiding in a box.   Oh boy!   I love it when a dream about kittens.   This one was quite happy to see me and started purring the moment I held him.   What did you dream about last night?