The Gecko

Last night I found a tiny gecko in the living room. I almost ran over it before I realized what it was because it looked like a piece of plant matter. The tires on my wheelchair often track in miscellaneous debris from outdoors when I take my sunset stroll through the neighborhood.

I started calling for Norm to come and get the poor little creature because my cat GG had discovered it as well. She got to it first, but then let it go as cats are fond of doing when they are playing with poor helpless creatures. By that time Norm came into the room, so I showed him where the gecko was and he grabbed it very carefully and put it outside. Believe it or not conservatives do take care of the environment.

You can see a picture of these nocturnal creatures here.

Normally we see geckos on the bathroom window at night.   They wait there for the moths attracted to the light of the bathroom.   It’s fun to watch them as they catch the bugs.


  1. pj
    Jul 28, 2006

    So it is not ok for the cat to do her thing – have a bite to eat, but it is ok if the Gecko does? 😆

  2. Interested
    Jul 28, 2006

    Pj, a Gecko can eat as much as it wants, when it wants, but there is a law in Scottsdale, they must do so, outside of all dwellings where people live. The law was made a distant time ago and as yet Scottsdale hasn\’t gone to the Dogs let alone the Geckos.

  3. julie woodman
    Aug 3, 2006

    Thanks for the fine link! I needed an Arizona
    reptiles reference.

  4. Gecko Family
    Aug 4, 2006

    I have whole families of geckos in my backyard. I find them on my windows and in my sinks. They are harmless and the kids love them. I always let them live.