Always thinking of adding.

It’s me, once again, Karen’s Husband Norm filling in for her as our kitchen still has the fans and they are making too much noise for her to use her microphone to dictate her blogs.   I on the other hand, do it the old fashion way, one finger at a time.

We have a leak in the wall behind the kitchen sink and dishwasher, and the pipes will be repaired and most likely the floor replaced with new tile.   Long story, you don’t want to know.   Just take my word for it.

But I have to tell you, it gets me thinking about all the things that would be fun to do to our house.   It’s one built in the 60s, and at first glance it looks pretty much as it did when it was built.   Now the appliances have been modernized and replaced.   The carpet replaced with title and the glass replaced as well.

We have blinds in all the windows, and I have to tell you with the kitchen the way it is, I have been thinking that faux wood blinds would go very nicely, thank you very much.

That’s me though, always thinking about how neat things would look in our house.   I guess instead of calling me “Norm”, you could call me “Remodel Ron”.

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