Pro-life, Not Anti-Choice

Here’s an excellent article on what it means to be pro-life versus pro-abortion.

This part is my favorite:

Thirty-five years of convoluted thinking. Pro-abortion forces think they’re fighting for the freedom of women. They think by having abortion available, it equalizes men and women, because then women also have the power to just “walk away.” What they refuse to recognize is that as long as they continue to perpetuate the notion that there is something wrong with bearing children, then women will continue to be treated as second-class citizens.

As long as they insist that parenthood is a choice, women who want to have their children will be dismissed by the workplace, the universities, and society in general because “well that was your decision, you didn’t have to have that baby” and, for the same reason, men will continue to think that it’s okay to abandon their obligations.

Where are all the promises of Roe v. Wade? Over 40 million abortions and women still don’t have equal pay, child abuse rates have soared, and more women and children than ever before are in poverty. The status quo ain’t workin’ — time to rethink things, NARAL.

Pro-life forces are the ones who are “pro-woman.” We are the ones who believe in the capabilities of women. We are the ones telling women they don’t have to pay with their children’s lives in order to get ahead. We are the ones working for change to alter archaic concepts that oppress pregnant and parenting women in the workforce, in academia, and the world at large.

There are so many other battles that would truly empower women. Fighting child pornography, human trafficking, and rape-as-warfare. But until our child-bearing gift is elevated to its deserved status, pregnant and parenting women and their children will remain to viewed as nothing more than burdens to be disposed of.

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  1. Beverly
    Sep 10, 2008

    amen! Got your link from Amy Heymann’s blog.