In the Snow.

I’m sure that Dad and I had warm coats when we walked home from the movie back in Denver as I just blogged about.  Not sure if they were from carhartt coats, but I remember that I was warm, but by the time we did get home my feet, our feet were cold and wet.

The night was fun though, fun now as I remember it and much fun then cause it was a school night, I loved the movie, think it was Brigadoon with Gene Kelly and Dad and I had fun walking in the new show going home.

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If Only.

If only I had followed my dream and looked at a fender twin reverb at guitar center, who knows what could have happened.

No question it sometimes is fun to just dream of all the things one could do.  Watching those artists who knew how to play such instruments was inspiring to say the least. Then I start wondering if I could even come close to their skill level.




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Different Direction.

Growing up in Denver as I did, I can remember when I would spend hours practicing on my Coronet.  I got pretty good with it, and I think I even played in the school band.  When I think about that, they had to accept me.   No, back in those day being PC hadn’t gotten into the schools. Today I would look at martin guitar at musicians friend if I was able to take myself back to that age.

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It would have Helped.

One night while growing up in Denver, my Dad asked if I’d like to go to a movie.  I never turned down an invitation to go to a movie.  Never.

Mom drove us to the theatre and Dad and I went up to the balcony with popcorn and drinks sat back and enjoyed the flick.

After it was over,  we headed home, this time walking.  Being during the winter, being Denver, it has started to snow while we were watching the show.  But that was not a problem to a couple of MEN from Colorado.

It might have helped if we had found a place that had atlas snow shoes here, and taken them with us.  When we got to Cheeseman Park, the snow was much higher than our shoes and we were cold and wet when we got home.

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Our letter carrier always brings the mail in the morning. So why is it on the day a check arrives in the mail he doesn’t come until after 5:30 pm?

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Retirement Dreaming

We were out the other day at one of our favorite eateries and over the party at a table nearby. There was a group of four ladies and they were discussing their dreams for retirement. One of them mentioned that she was looking into highlands nc real estate as a retirement locale. Apparently she grew up there and even though she now lives in the Southwest, she feels that retirement should be a coming home of sorts. She regaled her friends with stories of growing up in the mountains of North Carolina. Oh to be so lucky!

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