Gift Idea

I know several Kids, and I bet you they would enjoy a piano for kids .   I know for sure I sure would have.  I did enjoy for a while playing the piano that was in our living room in the house I grew up with in Denver.

It was an upright that when you walked in the front door would be all that you could see.


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Took a Nap.

I find that taking a nap works pretty good for me.  Today when down about 2:30 and woke up almost 2 hours later.

I should do this more often.

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Big when I was a DJ

One of the musicians who was big when I was a DJ was Les Paul.  He was such a great artist with his guitar that there is one named after him, gibson les paul supreme .

When I first started I can remember that many songs that I played where by Les Paul and I would get many calls from my listeners who would want to hear more.


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Both the power company and Scottsdale  (water)  have added remote meters to our house and the power company allows you to see how much power you use Each day.

Lately I check it each morning and see just how we did.  It’s so detailed that you can see just how much power you used each hour.

In some ways I wish it wasn’t there.  It can be frustrating.

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Busy Week?

If you are in charge of setting up the sound system for your church or right there in your home, you should consider Nady Systems .

There are so many microphones, wireless microphones and other such devices that will fit your needs for your home or the church that you attend.

When it was my job to provide guidance as for the purchase of such equipment, several times I choose Nady and was happy to find that they did the job well.


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Velentine’s Day 2014

As I posted yesterday, we had a visit from the “Fudge Lady” on Valentine’s Day.

Without a doubt it was one of the highlights of the day.  She know how to make the stuff, and we are so lucky to be “on her list”.

Let me assure you, I’m going to everything I can to stay on her good side.


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