GPS Versus Locals

My cousin is coming to visit today and she’s driving over from San Diego.   I spoke with her yesterday and told her how to get here from there, but she assured me that everything would be fine because they have GPS in the car.   So, the telephone rang a few minutes ago and I almost didn’t answer it because I thought it was somebody with a term life insurance quote.   It was my cousin telling me they missed an exit.   She told me where they were and I explained to her she was going the wrong way anyways.   Oh, but that’s how the GPS told us to go.   But the GPS doesn’t know what I know.   As a local, who has traveled the route from Scottsdale to San Diego and back many times over, I know which roads are better.   She’ll get here all right, but it’s going to take her longer.   We are planning on having lunch together.   I’m going to be good and hungry when she gets here because it will be later than we expected.   Sometimes technology is not always better.