Hummingbird Video

It’s been so much fun watching the hummingbird nesting right outside my living room window.   I’m calling her Tinkerbell because she’s just so tiny and so cute.   Since I didn’t know much about hummingbirds, I went to the Google to get the scoop on their nesting habits.   From what I read it seems the female begins building the nest during mating season.   She mates with a lucky male hummingbird and then lays her eggs and finishes building the nest.   The male hummingbird does not take part in building the nest nor sitting on the eggs.   (I wonder if they make tiny work gloves for hummingbirds?)

Norm set up our digital camera on a tripod and shot a short video of Tinkerbell on her nest.   Don’t blink when you watch it or you will miss seeing another hummingbird join her to possibly inspect her nest.   Norm thinks is her “husband” making sure she’s all right.


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  1. GrannyJ
    Apr 5, 2010

    Very fine video — wonder what #2 was up to… no good, I suspect!