Hardware Store Adventures

My wonderful husband and I are hardware store junkies.   We enjoy visiting our local Ace hardware store whenever we can.   If we have time we walk up and down all the aisles looking at the cool stuff.   Not only do they have cool stuff on the aisles, but they also have cool stuff waiting for you at the checkout counter.   Neat things to look at while you’re waiting in line.   A while back when we were at the hardware store to purchase needed items, I spied one of these neat things that I knew I just couldn’t live without.   It was a plastic bottle top that fits over a soda pop can so you don’t lose all the fizz.   Just what I need!   Whenever I get a can of soda I usually only drink half of it.   Norm puts the other half in the refrigerator for me to have later, but by the next day it has no fizz.   Problem solved for just a couple of bucks.

Now today, while browsing the Internet, I ran across something else one might need for a soda pop can.   It’s custom koozies, and if you don’t know what that is, think of an insulating wetsuit.   Everybody needs one of those for their soda cans right?

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  1. GrannyJ
    Mar 4, 2010

    The modern hardware store isa remarkable institution!