Sounds of Summer

Yesterday we went to church and when I got out of the van I heard this all too familiar noise.   It was cicadas buzzing.   A definite sound of summer but one that I do not enjoy.   Another sound that I don’t enjoy that reminds me of summer is the sound of a fly trying to get out of a closed window.   I hear one right now on the other side of the room.   I heard it yesterday too and I wonder if it’s the same fly?

One sound of summer that I do enjoy is kids playing in the pool.   I miss that.   The last time I heard it was probably last summer when I visited my parents in San Diego.   They live in a manufactured home community.   There’s a nice community clubhouse and pool area.   My nieces enjoy using the pool on those rare occasions when they are not at the beach.   My sister-in-law’s Facebook updates show they are they are spending a lot of time at the beach surfing this summer.   They are definitely California girls!

What are your favorite sounds of summer?

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  1. GrannyJ
    Jul 23, 2009

    I have to say that I really like the cicada song; right behind that is the sound of nearby thunder. More to the point is one’s favorite smell of summer, which in my case is the fragrance of the desert after a good rain. Nothing quite like it.