Video Chat

An avid fan of Gmail and now a big fan of Gmail video chat.   I’ve been using it for several months and think it’s the bomb!   (Yeah, I can’t believe I said that either.)   My mother and I enjoy using video chat to stay in touch.   My folks are in San Diego and I’m here in Scottsdale, but with video chat it feels like we’re in the same room almost.

Mom got a laptop for Christmas with built-in WiFi and WebCam.   I taught her how to use Gmail and its video chat service.   We use it as often as we can.   She sits in the dining room with her laptop and, while she and I are conversing, I can hear my dad talking from the living room.   It’s like I’m right there and it feels nice to be able to share a few moments with them.   If the lighting isn’t just right, mom will open her cheap blinds on the big picture window next to the table so I can see her better.   Sometimes she turns the laptop around so I can see my dad on the other side of the table in the living room.   Cool.   We live in a great age!

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  1. SolShine7
    Mar 19, 2009

    We do live in a pretty cool time!