Music Soothes Me

When I’m working at my computer I enjoy listening to music.   Sometimes it’s classical Baroque, jazz, or instrumental, and other times it’s contemporary Christian artists.   A few months ago I started noticing one of the speakers hooked up to my computer wasn’t working all the time.   At first we could jiggle the wire and that would solve the problem.   A few weeks ago that didn’t even work and I could only get sound from one speaker which made it less enjoyable.   Norm suggested we get new speakers for my computer so I started looking at computer speakers and audio racks online to get an idea of pricing.   Then I remembered we had some extras audio speakers from another computer that were not critical to that computer.   Norm put them on my computer and took my old speakers and put it on the other computer.   Funny thing is they work on the other computer, but they wouldn’t work on mine.   Strange.   At least everything works on both computers now I can enjoy my music listening again.

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  1. SolShine7
    Mar 19, 2009

    Music drives my soul to a good place.