The Long and Short of It

It’s been one of those days, actually one of those weeks, when I am so glad for the weekend.   I don’t think I’ve been this glad to see the weekend since my college days when my nose was buried in textbooks.   Today I have been on the verge of tears several times over stuff that normally doesn’t bring me to that place.   It’s not really about “the stuff” but more about my emotions and my state of mind.   For the most part I am someone who is even keel emotionally and struggles and difficulties don’t usually get me depressed because I’m a fighter or just plain stubborn.   Today I have felt in a place emotionally that I want to stay away from because it’s just ugly.   I know that it’s really just stress and hormone fluctuations that get me this way, so I can remind myself that it won’t be this way for very long.   So in the midst of my day I quickly asked God to give me peace and assurance of his presence.   I also shared with Norm my state of mind so he would know where I was at.   Then several things happened that helped me get over the blue funk I was in.

Norm immediately comforted me with words of encouragement and support.   Thanks Normie!   Then he dropped me off for my appointment at Applause Hair Salon.   I had a haircut about a month ago with someone new and it just didn’t go right.   Sometimes that happens and it’s frustrating.   Katherine, an experienced stylist, noticed my bad do a couple of weeks ago when I was at the salon to get a manicure.   We talked about my hair and I decided I would let her give it a try when it grew out a little bit.   Today I decided was the day to get it done because it was driving me crazy.   A bad haircut can do that to a woman.   Katherine did an excellent job of fixing my bad haircut from someone else.   If you’re looking for someone to cut your hair give her a call because she knows what she’s doing and aims to please the client.

Came home from the hair salon feeling like a new woman with my fresh haircut.   Checked my e-mail and found a couple of notes from people who said some very complimentary things to me about some projects I had done for them recently.   It did my heart good to hear that because I had to deal with some not so nice stuff from other people this week.

God has unusual ways of supplying our needs.   I don’t believe the things that happened today were by coincidence.   Just as I was finishing up writing this post I received some other news that helped take away one of my biggest stresses this week.   Hallelujah!   (Nothing you, dear reader, need to worry about.)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Norm
    Feb 6, 2009

    You’re an angel. Thanks for being there.

  2. March Hare
    Feb 12, 2009

    Hi Karen~

    Did you know that you got a “shout out” from La Shawn Barber on her blog? Congratulations!

    I know what you mean about stress and hormones messing with your head. I also can sympathize with being stubborn! LOL! But isn’t prayer amazing? God never fails when we get out of His Way!


  3. Karen of Scottsdale
    Feb 12, 2009

    Yes, I did notice that shout-out from LaShawn! 😉