It’s About Time

My first official post of 2009 and it’s already one week into the new year.   Procrastination is my game.   I spent about a month in San Diego with my parents from Thanksgiving week until the week after Christmas.   Norm was taking care of health issues and is doing better.   It was great to spend Christmas week with him in San Diego.

My month-long stay in San Diego was good and gave me a definite change of pace.   It’s been weird readjusting to life at home in Scottsdale.   My schedule is so much different here than it is when I’m in San Diego.   One gets behind on certain things and before you know it everything piles up and you’ve got to find your way out of it.

I’m sure that happens to everyone at some point or another.   It certainly happens to businesses and with the economic doom and gloom were hearing about on a daily basis, it’s a wonder more companies aren’t going under just on the speculation of it all.   People get worried.   The next thing you know you’ve got commercial collection agencies on your mind.   I’m glad I don’t run a business and have payroll to meet.   It could be daunting if accounts receivable are coming in.   Reminds me of those days in college when I was studying accounting.   (So glad I’m not there anymore!)

Happy new year!   I pray it’s a good one for you.