Birthday Recap Part Two

OK, I bet you’ve been waiting for this one!   Norm, my often wonderful husband, arranged a birthday celebration for me with some of our friends at Norm’s favorite restaurant, the Pink Taco.   We got there early to make sure the table seating arrangement was just right, but we could have gotten there late because everyone else was late due to some very bad traffic.   Being that it’s October now all the snowbirds are starting to come down and highway construction is ongoing everywhere.   Oh well…

My Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

My Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

I really wasn’t expecting gifts, but my friends surprised me.   Most everyone we know is into golf, so I half expected Callaway irons.   Instead I was that happy recipient of Hello Kitty stuff.   And not only that I got a Hello Kitty cake!   Best birthday I’ve had in a long time.   Our meal was great, the company was even better and the gifts were wonderful treats.   Thanks to everyone who came and especially to Norm for putting it all together.

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  1. Norm
    Oct 21, 2008

    The cake is cute but a picture of you would show everyone that you are even cuter.