Checking In

Norm and I are in San Diego having a wonderful time visiting my family and friends.   We have been here since last Monday and for the most part the weather has been much cooler than what we experience in Scottsdale.   It’s been great to spend time with my nieces and to see old friends from college days.   Today we will attend my dad’s church and see some friends there as well.

I’ll probably blog more about it next week, but I’m totally excited about Governor Sarah Palin being chosen as McCain’s running mate.   She will make an excellent vice president.   As I watched her speech on Friday I was totally in awe!   You, go girl!

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  1. pb
    Sep 3, 2008

    What’s this I am hearing about her being tough, and maybe too hard-nosed? I really like her style, and hope that some of her hard-edged history doesn’t derail her election.

    Still, it seems as if the GOP is aware of all that stuff.

    Brains and political brawn all in one package? Dare we hope…?