Thanks, Dave!

Our week started out with a cold winter storm and now it’s quite warm again. Thursday we had to drive out to east Mesa and it was rather cool that morning. By the time we got done with our appointment it had warmed up a bit and when we got in the car we decided to turn on the AC because it was quite warm inside the car. Norm turned the fan switch on to the first or second level but no air. We only got air blowing through the AC with the fan switch turned to high. Not exactly what we wanted at that moment. We tried again and realized that the switch wasn’t functioning properly.

Great! Just what we needed another thing to get repaired. Yesterday while driving around town doing errands it got even warmer so we realized we’d better go to the car dealership and see how much it was going to cost to get the AC repaired as we knew it was going to get warmer in the days ahead. Our service advisor, Dave, was there so we explain to him what was happening. We’ve known Dave for many years and he has always provided top rate service for us. I think Norm has known him for probably 15 years.

Anyhow, he diagnosed our problem and said that it would be a simple part replacement behind the glove box. So how much is that going to cost us? About $130 which included $50 for labor. Ouch! Not something our checking account could deal with right now, but it’s something we’ve got to get fixed since it’s miserable driving around in a hot car. Norm asked if we could schedule something for Monday and Dave said it was just a simple part replacement that he could do himself while we waited. He told Norm to go over to the parts office and ask for such and such a part and buy it. Then he could bring it to Dave and it would mysteriously get installed right then and there. And that’s exactly what happened. But the best part is that Dave was able to arrange for Norm to purchase the part at his cost rather than the retail price. I think it cost us all of about $26. It took Dave about five minutes to install the part. What a nice guy!


  1. Norm
    Feb 9, 2008

    Is Dave his real name….I had always thought it was John….or is it Oscar?

  2. pj
    Feb 9, 2008

    It is amazing how God supplies. That was as good as having another $100 in income for the day.