Neighborhood Pop Ups

We don’t get a lot of visitors here so I was kind of surprised the other day when someone knocked on our door in the middle of the afternoon. Norm answered the door and it was a young woman asking us if we’d like to receive the newspaper. No thank you was Norm’s reply. She quickly responded, “Not even if it’s free?” Then he told her he couldn’t read. He likes to do that to people. She laughed and then said goodbye. Given the chance to, I would’ve told her that I prefer reading the newspaper online because it’s easier for me and there’s no pile of old papers to throw into the recycle bin. The only thing I don’t like about reading the newspaper online is that it requires the use of a popup blocker just to keep you from going insane. You know, I never thought about it, but I guess pop up ads are kind of like knocks on your door. Sometimes they are just a nuisance when someone’s trying to sell you something you don’t want! (No, I’m not really a mean person.)

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  1. Norm
    Jan 2, 2008

    Could we use the Popup Blocker on the front door?