Christmas Decor

We’re driving around Scottsdale and seeing that the Christmas decor is starting to go up.   On our way home we see the local nursery is putting up their Christmas tree lot.   Norm asks me if I want to get a Christmas tree this year.   I say no because we’re not going to be home for Christmas.   We haven’t put up Christmas decor for several years because we always go to San Diego and spend Christmas with my family.

When I was a kid I loved it when mom got Christmas decorations down from the attic.   Decorating the tree was always lots of fun.   The nativity scene, the Christmas ornaments, Christmas angels and of course my favorite, the Christmas star.   Something about the star always fascinated me.   It still does and it’s really the only Christmas decoration I’d like to put up.   I have one that is made out of dried grapevine twigs.   Maybe we’ll see where that’s boxed away and put it up for Christmas.

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  1. Narniaman
    Nov 15, 2007

    Something about the star always fascinated me.

    Yeah, it fascinates me too.

    I heard an excellent sermon on it a number of years ago, and later wrote an article on it. It deals with the question of what would cause the Wise men to seek out a newborn king. It turns out the answer is all there in the Old Testament.

    I’ll see if I can find that article. . . . . . .